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Registered Nurse, Certified Foot Care Specialist

I am a Registered Nurse with a passion for foot care! There is no greater pleasure for me than to work with our wonderful Seniors and Diabetics to assure that they can walk without pain or risk of infection from thickened, elongated toenails and painful calluses. Their health and their quality of life can be affected by these common pathologies.  My experience with homebound patients, was the driving force behind my desire to provide mobile foot care services. The care that I provide aims to prevent pain, injury, and complications while promoting safety, comfort and overall wellness. I currently make my services  available to private homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and long term care facilities. I have achieved specialized training in Routine Foot Care and have received certification from the American Foot Care Nurses Association (AFCNA).  I embrace the AFCNA’s Code of Ethics, Protocols, and Standards of Care, and the CDC Guidelines for infection control.

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